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Enhanced Learning

Inquiry Question
How can we increase student engagement in order to maximize achievement and social emotional well-being?
OBJECTIVE 1: Literacy - To improve literacy in the area of reading comprehension and fluency for all students, specifically those not yet meeting expectations, through early and targeted instruction, focused response to intervention tracking, agile formative assessments, and an increase in “just right” texts including Aboriginal content.

OBJECTIVE 2: Social Emotional Learning (SEL) - To increase social emotional understanding and competency for all students in the areas of Personal Awareness and Responsibility, and Positive and Cultural Identity, specifically: cultural relationships and identity, self-regulation, and self-determination.

Team Questions
1) How can we use continuous assessment to promote sustainable teacher, parent, and student engagement in students’ learning?
2) How can we increase student engagement through flexible learning environments?
3) How can we engage students in developing Positive and Cultural Identity Competencies?
Our Plan

for 2017-18 school year
Our Presentation

Oct. 2017
2016-17 School Plan and Results
2017-18 TEN Results - SD53 Strategic Action Plan